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    4th Of July In San Pedro

    June 29, 2017

    rentals in San Pedro, CA,

    San Pedro, CA, is well-known for being the heart of the LA Waterfront and the epicenter for all manner of amazing July Fourth activities for those that want to celebrate the holiday in style. Even though fireworks are only permissible in a few select areas around LA (and extra patrols will be out for the holidays cracking down on rule breakers) there are still plenty of other creative events that are helping commemorate the day and providing cheer for those who own and rentals in San Pedro, CA, alike. Let's run down some of the most notable activities that will be taking place in the area.

    How San Pedro Celebrates The Fourth

    Being near the water, you'd be right to suspect that the celebrations in San Pedro will feature the waterfront heavily. You'd be correct in that assumption, with events like the appropriately named "Fireworks On The Water" providing the most clear example. There are other activities, though, that take into consideration the other important features of the San Pedro landscape. For instance...

    41st Annual July 4th Ringing Of The Korean Bell
    The Korean Bell Of Friendship is described as one of San Pedro's "most enduring landmarks." The massive bronze bell was donated to the city by the Republic Of Korea in 1976, as a commemoration of US Independence and a tribute to veterans who served in the Korean War. It rests in scenic Angels Gate Park, and each year, the bell is struck five times: New Year's Eve, Korean American Day, The Fourth Of July, Korean Liberation Day, and Constitution Day.

    The July Fourth ringing of the bell will begin at 10:30AM and include remarks from both Congresswoman Nanette Barragan and Colonel Chuck Roberts. This ceremony doubles as a reaffirmation of the strong bond between the United States and Korea, and will be every bit as patriotic as any of the flashier firework ceremonies planned for The Fourth.

    Fun At The Parks & Local Rec Centers

    All manner of Summer Camp and Youth Volunteer Program activities will be in full swing on The Fourth, and will include a nice, patriotic theme to help go along with the occasion. Arts & Crafts, team sports, and more will all be on the agenda, but there will also be plenty going on for those who prefer to "freestyle" their way through what the parks and rec centers have to offer. Use the time off to take a dip in one of San Pedro's many swimming pools, peruse a museum collection, take the dog to the park—it's all possible thanks to the wide range of diversity offered by the public parks in San Pedro.

    Red, White, And Blue 5K, 10K, 15K, Half Marathon

    Taking place just a few days before The Fourth, this Red, White, And Blue running event over in Long Beach will take participants along the water as they compete for the best times in their chosen events. Those that complete the races receive a medal for enduring the runs, and competitors will also be treated to a healthy buffet for their troubles. For those concerned that they might have bit off more than they can chew, the organizers will allow participants to drop to a reduced distance at any time during the event, ensuring that no one ends up as a "Did Not Finish."

    Catalina Island 4th Of July Parade

    South of San Pedro, on Catalina Island, the city of Avalon is holding a gigantic 4th Of July Celebration, complete with a parade, BBQ, dancing, carnival games, and, of course, fireworks. There's a unique golf cart decorating contest, and a performance from the USC Marching Band to boot. No need to worry about parking for this event, just show up via ferry from San Pedro and enjoy the festivities. While you're there, you can enjoy the diversions of the Catalina Island Casino & Avalon Theater too. All-in-all, a fun way to spend the day.

    Fireworks On The Water

    The Los Angeles Maritime Institute is dedicated to helping youngsters discover the wonders of the sea, and they'll also be doing their part to help celebrate Independence Day with a fireworks celebration on The Fourth. Open from 7:00PM-10:00PM, tickets will run $75 for adults and $25 for kids. What's more, you'll be able to view the fireworks for the deck of one of The Institute's ships. You'll have the opportunity to set sail from San Pedro To Long Beach, capping off the evening with the beautiful sunset and the Queen Mary fireworks. The combination of sea-faring adventure and awesome spectacle of controlled explosions will delight both young and old, and provide an excellent bonding experience for the family-oriented.

    Cabrillo Beach Fireworks Show

    For the largest assemblage of live music, family-friendly activities, delicious food, and fireworks, you'll want to head to the Fourth Of July Celebration at Cabrillo Beach. From Noon-10:00PM, you'll be able to tour the frigates, see demonstrations from the Coast Guard and LA Fire Department, along with reenactments and plenty of fireworks to boot. If previous iterations of this event are anything to go by, this isn't a celebration you'll want to miss.

    Rentals In San Pedro CA Put It All Within Reach

    You'll need a place to call home to make all these Independence Day activities a part of your calendar. The Vue, located just a short walk away from Gibson Park and the LA Waterfront, provides just the spot you'll need. Right in the vicinity of this amazing building is a vibrant community, filled with just about everything you'll need for you day-to-day activities. Shopping, groceries, entertainment, dining, and more are right at your fingertips. It's not hard to find the right spot to indulge in your hobbies either, with places like People's Health & Dance and The Bike Palace located within a mile of The Vue.

    What's more? Units at the view all offer spacious floor plans, designed for superior modernity and comfort. Amenities at this luxurious high-rise leave nothing to be desired, with the inclusion of a yoga studio, fitness center, and 24-hour concierge (among others). See why The Vue is considered the premiere location for residents in San Pedro to unwind in unparalleled comfort, check out everything this complex has to offer today.