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    Apartment Downsizing Tips

    January 22, 2019

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    Let’s face it. Apartment life, even in stellar spots like the spacious high rise apartments in San Pedro, can get pretty crowded and cluttered if you’re not careful. An overstuffed apartment space is no place to live comfortably, though, so if you’re thinking your current situation is a bit too confining, why not avail yourself of a some of these downsizing tips to lighten your burden?

    What Is Downsizing and Why Should I Do It?

    To make a long story short, Downsizing is the act of getting rid of all the stuff in your life that you don’t need. While some people will downsize as a part of a move from a larger living space to a smaller one (like going from a big house to a small apartment), that doesn’t mean you have to have a move to a new location planned to start downsizing or that you’ll only reap the benefits if you are moving. In fact, if you’re already living in an apartment and just want to shed some of the extra things you have in your life, you’ll find downsizing to be quite liberating.

    When you have less material baggage in your life, you have less to worry about, and because of that, you’ll have less in the way of stress. Downsizing and reorganizing can do wonders for your state of mind, and once you free yourself from the need to have a bunch of “stuff,” you might also find that you save a few dollars by resisting the temptation to acquire more. Beyond all that, though, you’ll find that with less in your apartment, you’ll appreciate what you have even more, and the few key pieces you decide to keep around will hold a lot more significance while also gaining much in the way of character. No two ways about it — downsizing, in the long run, will be good for your health, mentally, physically, and financially!

    Your Guide to Downsizing Effectively

    Now that you understand the “why” behind downsizing, it’s time to tackle the “how.” When it comes to downsizing right, everything starts with you making a very detailed list of all the things in your apartment. This inventory is the bedrock of your downsizing process, as, without a thorough account of what you own, there’s little chance you can make good decisions on what to get rid of. Perform this step methodically, room by room, and when you’re done jotting down everything on your notepad, consider typing that inventory up and categorizing it by room (and in alphabetical order) so it’s easier to navigate.

    Once you’ve completed your inventory, go over the list, and single out the few items that you cannot live without. It’s likely that you’ll surprise yourself here, coming to the conclusion that you own way more than what you actually need. Now, some people fall into the trap of fooling themselves into thinking they need things that they don’t. You won’t be making this error, though, because you’ll be following a simple piece of advice — if you can’t remember the last time you used it, then it’s going to the scrap pile. No questions asked. Important documents (and really nice decorations) are exempt from the rule, obviously, but by and large, you’ll want to let go of sentimentality and get serious about chucking the extra weight in your apartment.

    With your “must haves” established, the fun part of the process can finally begin — separating all the stuff you need to get rid of. Whatever didn’t make the cut, box it, and prepare to part with it. Don’t just toss your junk haphazardly, though. Be organized in this process, separating your excess into three categories — sell, donate, and recycle. This will come in handy when you’ve finished the task, as the next item on your list will be to (you guessed it) sell, donate, and recycle all of the things that you’re removing from your living space.

    Now, the donating and recycling portions of this task should be straightforward. Take those donation items to the Goodwill, and your recyclables to your local recycling center. What about selling, though? Since a yard sale is probably out of the picture, you’ll need to turn to the power of the internet to help yourself here. eBay and Craigslist are a good place to get started, and whatever you don’t sell for dirt cheap there you can list as free and wait for a taker to come get off your hands. You can also leverage your friends and social media network. Drop a few posts about what you’re trying to get rid of, and eventually, someone, somewhere, will bite.

    All done? Time to marvel at how much more space you have in your apartment now. Isn’t it beautiful? Don’t gawk for too long, though, because now you’ll need to reorganize what you have left in a manner that makes sense. You might not be an interior decorator, but the following guides on how to arrange furniture and how to decorate in an apartment space should give you a good start and point you in the right direction. Once you’re finished, remember not to become complacent. You’ve worked hard to downsize, and you’ll want to keep your apartment clean, organized, and minimalistic for as long as possible. Resist the urge to hoard and clutter, and have fun in your newly revitalized living space.

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