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    Best Coffee Table Books 2019

    June 30, 2019

    books eyeglasses and coffee on table

    If you’re the type who loves refreshing the look of their home, and you want a few new touches to add to the downtown apartments in San Pedro, why not consider a lovely new coffee table book? Beyond being pretty to look at, they can provide some much needed reading material for your living space, among other things:

    “They are beautiful, powerful, inspiring and lift spirits of the person. Such is the magic of coffee table books! They are not just mere compilations but carry with them the spirit of the art of those who get featured.”

    As that article from Entrepreneur notes, coffee table books can feature some pretty impressive and precise design (making them great decoration), but at the same time are informative, insightful, and help bring little bits of the outside world right into your home. It makes sense, then, that you’d want to snag a few for your place, and today we’re going to be pointing you in the right direction. Read on, because we’re about to list some of the best coffee table books you can get this year to enhance your apartment space and “wow” your future guests.


    Did you know different birthdays had different colors associated with them? Going further, how about the idea that you can interpret colors to discern personality traits? It’s far from an exact science, but that is, in a nutshell, the premise of Colorstrology. We wouldn’t call this one particularly deep, but it’ll make a great conversation starter, especially if you’re a designer or just really into colors.

    1000 Record Covers

    Who doesn’t love looking at old record covers? This colorful tome from Michal Ochs does more than just show off interesting album art, though. It takes a look at themes presented within, and broaches topics as deep as the music the artworks are meant to represent. If you’re a fan of the musical evolution from the 60s to the 90s, this is another must have for your coffee table.

    Norman Rockwell 332 Magazine Covers

    Even those who don’t know the man’s name could probably recognize a Norman Rockwell painting if you showed it to them. “322 Magazine Covers,” while it doesn’t cover all of this stellar artist’s work, does show a robust collection of his work on magazine covers (a very important form of expression, especially in the early-20th Century. More than 400 pages are here, with 332 full-color illustrations and some background on the man (along with the American mythos he helped instill).

    The Book of Tapas

    Delectable, informative, and clever, The Book of Tapas brings you more than 200 recipes that are easy to make and even easier to enjoy. If you’re a fan of Spanish cuisine, and of the mind that appetizers are indeed nothing to play around with, you’ll want this on your coffee table at all times and easily accessible once it’s time to head to the kitchen and throw down for your guests.

    Through a Different Lens: Stanley Kubrick Photographs

    Not everyone knows that Stanley Kubrick spent some time as a photographer before he became a legendary director, but for those that do, and appreciate the insight an a curated collection of his works might bring would definitely enjoy having a copy of Through a Different Lens in their collection. It’s a unique look at the mind of a unique man, and provides plenty for you and guest to flip through at the coffee table.

    National Geographic: The Photographs

    There’s a not-so-insignificant chance you have a subscription to National Geographic already, in which case you know how amazing their photographers are. Wouldn’t it be cool to own a whole book’s worth of those amazing images? This National Geographic volume shows off the skillful eye of their photographic experts, with views of the world you’ll have to see to believe. This is a must own, regardless of specific interests!

    What If? Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions

    There’s a curious scientist deep down within us all, and What If? takes a look at some of the silly (but entertaining) questions we frequently ask ourselves. It’s written in language that everyone can understand, has some research backing its conclusion, and overall, makes for a pretty entertaining read. Written by a former NASA engineer and author of popular webcomic xkcd, that’s about what you’d expect!

    Los Angeles: Portrait of a City

    How about a bit of love for the hometown? Los Angeles: Portrait of a City, by Daniel Ulin, takes a look at the City of Angels through 500 images showing the metropolis’ history and transformation — from desert wasteland to urban paradise and everything in between. Expect to see plenty of iconic and landmark moments from the city’s past mixed in, touching on events that would reverberate across the country.

    Tom Ford

    If you’ve an eye for fashion, you’ll surely get some enjoyment from Tom Ford’s catalog of design work, appropriately titled “Tom Ford” and containing more than 200 photographs. His work transformed Gucci into “one of the sexiest fashion brands in the world.” On display (in book form) on your coffee table, it can impress your guests, or provide some much needed inspiration when you’re in the doldrums.

    Soul R&B Funk Photographs: 1972-1982

    Few will deny that the 70s were a grooving time for genres like Soul, Funk, and R&B. This book from Bruce Talamon takes a look at legends of the era, from Marvin Gaye to Diana Ross (and many more), providing some insight on the minds behind those truly happening times for you to peruse at your own leisure.

    The Downtown Apartments in San Pedro Never Looked More Welcoming

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