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    Day trips from San Pedro

    April 3, 2017

    apartments in San Pedro CA

    San Pedro is an undeniably cool, tucked away part of Los Angeles. This gives it a flair that's all its own, and also makes it so that reaching other sections of Southern California, or even L.A. itself can turn into fun, day-trip excursions. These aren't just limited to a day at the park either; we're talking about full-on adventures that will take you from the apartments in San Pedro CA to other locales and landmarks you might not have even thought existed in the State of California. These run the gamut from rugged outdoor hiking trails to trendy, upscale city spots. Let's take a look.

    Branching Out In Southern California

    What catches your fancy? Is it museums? The wilderness? Cinema or the theater? All are within reach of San Pedro and make for great outings. Here's just a sampling of some of the places you could potentially go.

    North Into Nature

    In the north of L.A. and beyond, there are several State Parks and National Recreational Areas. You could opt to head just outside of Santa Monica, to Topanga State Park, for instance. Here, you have more than 14,000 acres of wilderness area to explore, far beyond a quick jaunt in the local park. There are a great many winding hiking trails (36 miles, to be exact) and stunning views to take in, so bringing along a camera or a sketchbook might be a great idea. The only negative here is that dogs aren't allowed on the park trails, so you'll have to leave your canine companion at home. Not exactly ideal if you and your best buddy want to take in the sights of nature.

    If you want a place that you and Rover can roam, you might instead head to the San Gabriel Mountains, north of the city. You can have your dog here, as long as its on a leash, then experience everything this huge National Forest has to offer. Trails for hikers, bikers, camping, fishing, horses, or simple nature watching. If you're feeling especially adventurous, you can head to one of the designated hunting areas during the appropriate season. You'll need to make sure you have your hunting license and necessary tags in advance, but it'd be a nice change of pace from the everyday grind of the city. Thankfully, the State is on top of allowing prospective hunters and fishers to obtain licenses online, so it won't be that difficult a hoop to jump through first.

    City Trips

    Let's say the woods aren't your thing. Fair enough, there are plenty more places in Los Angeles proper that you can explore for the day. For the museum lovers, an L.A. museum tour might be in order. Start out at the Los Angeles County Museum Of Art. Located on Wilshire Boulevards, this museum features a diverse collection with exhibits that range from traditional African art, Picasso, Chinese ceramic works, and much more. They steadily change their exhibits too, so you'll have plenty of reason to come back in the future. You'll need tickets for entry, and also for any special events they might be hosting, but they are reasonably priced.
    Next up, you can try the Natural History Museum Of Los Angeles County. If the natural wonders of the world are something you ponder, this is the spot to check it all out. Dinosaur bones, an insect zoo, mammal and bird exhibits, along with plenty of special events and programs make this a great place to learn about the history of life on planet Earth. In all, they hold more than 35-million artifacts, plenty of cause for a repeat visit indeed.

    Nearby is the California African American Museum. Dedicated to preserving and presenting the culture of the United State's African American population, the CAAM has a particular focus on the contribution of African Americans in the Western United States. Here, you can absorb the powerful art, sculpture, music, and many other facets that represent the African American experience.

    Wrapping things up, why not head to the GRAMMY Museum At L.A. Live? The Grammy's have honored many exemplary performers throughout the years, and this museum stands as an interactive tribute the best of the best. Exhibits rotate to cover a number of topics and performers, with a few current displays showcasing Count Basie, John Denver, and Ella Fitzgerald. Past exhibits have seen Michael Jackson, Otis Redding, Bruce Springsteen, and many other popular acts enshrined within this fine establishment.

    Heading South

    Perhaps you just want to get out of the vicinity of Los Angeles completely? Time to hop in the car and head south, to San Diego. A few hours drive and you're right there experiencing the amazing beauty of the State's second most populous city. Here, you can experience all of the historical fusion architecture, from pre-colonial times through the Spanish & Mexican periods, up to the present day. You might head to the San Diego Zoo to see some animals, or even hit the waters here, getting in on San Diego's deep watersports culture. Whatever you decide, it's a great way to get out of L.A. for a day and see a different side of Southern California.

    Back To The Apartments In San Pedro

    No matter which day trip ideas appeal to you, you'll need a place to come back to. In San Pedro, The Vue provides an ideal location that mixes the thrill of the beach with the trendiness of downtown. Located near the water and right in one of the most walkable parts of San Pedro, everything you need is well within arm's reach. The neighborhood has plenty of fine entertainment, food, and shopping options, and the building itself is designed for maximum resident comfort.

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