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    Fun at LA River Expedition

    July 18, 2019

    man and woman on kayak

    Los Angeles is a thriving metropolis, but did you know that it also contains plenty of natural environments as well? The LA River Expedition is showing locals exactly what lies in their backyard through a one of a kind kayaking experience. From the high rise apartments in San Pedro, this excursion is only a short trip away.

    What are LA River Expeditions?

    LA River Expeditions got its start in 2008 when they launched an excursion from the San Fernando Valley all the way to the Pacific Ocean. The trek was 51 miles long with the intention of revitalizing care for and fostering interest in the LA River.

    What started as a lengthy expedition became a vital factor in reshaping federal environmental policy. In 2010, the group’s hard work led to the Clean Water Act which offers legal protections for both the river and its watersheds.

    The group continues their innovative strategies towards advocacy work while leading kayak tours down the river to keep their efforts afloat (no pun intended). Over 10,000 people have signed up for their tours since they gained the right to use the river, and they continue to keep this local piece of nature open to the public while preserving its beauty.

    LA River Expeditions is also an award-winning nonprofit with the River Hero award, Green Paddle award, and River Warrior award under their belt. Their highly trained staff, from kayak instructors to environmental educators, ensure a safe and insightful trip every time.

    What is an Expedition Like?

    Part history tour, part environmental class, and part outdoor adventure, the kayak tours offered by LA River Expedition are one of a kind. Their goal is to instill river stewardship with each individual that takes their tour, getting everyone involved in protecting the waterways of Los Angeles and the environments around them.

    They call it the “urban kayaking experience,” which now includes multiple locations. You can sign up for either the Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve tour, the Elysian Valley Recreation Zone tour, or join the nonprofit in trash clean-up days.

    Different tours are suited to varying levels of paddling skills, ranging from beginner to intermediate. Regardless of your choice, each are led by guides who know as much about paddling as they do the ecosystem you’ll be kayaking through.

    You’ll get up close and personal with the wildlife found in these Los Angeles environments as you learn more about the creatures and how they fit into the ecosystem. Education is offered on what dangers these and other waterways face, how you can help, and why it is so crucial to keep the waterways in pristine condition.

    The Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve is a beginner-level tour is a simple, serene trip with plenty of wildlife to observe. Whether you’re new to paddling or are bringing the family along, this is a fun way to learn more about the environment while getting a little exercise in at the same time.

    The Elysian Valley Recreation Zone is an intermediate-level tour complete with rapids. The outing is more adventurous, but still contains the educational benefits from the other tour. There are plenty of instructors there for your safety during this trip.

    Trash clean-up days are exactly what they sound like. You can walk along the river with the nonprofit collecting garbage thrown by careless individuals. Clean-up extends into the locations, as well, whether it is the Sepulveda Basin or the Elysian Valley.

    Booking Information

    Booking a trip is easy. By heading over to the LA River Expeditions’ Eventbrite page, you can view upcoming events and decide which trip might be best for you based on your paddling experience and what you want to see.

    The currently offered Sepulveda Basin tour is held on Sundays and select Saturday for the price of $45. It takes you through the San Fernando Valley and Encino area. This 2 ¼-hour trip takes you down the LA River and back again on calm waters as you learn more about paddling and the river.

    The current Elysian Valley tour is only held on select Saturdays for the cost of $55. The tour starts with a quick hike along the river, then offers a rigorous workout on Class-I rapids alongside education. There’s no set time limit since this trip takes you all the way through the rapids in this area.

    Both tours allow you to pick a date, but those looking to participate in trash clean-up efforts register since the event is free. Locations vary with several chances to help out throughout the year. So, pay attention for a date that works best with your schedule. Most clean-ups are held on Saturdays.

    Finally, you can book a private tour with LA River Expeditions. Aspects of these tours change depending on the size of your party, so you’ll have to contact the nonprofit to discuss price and location. To book a private tour, or for more information about the group and other tours, you can call (818) 665-6064 or send an email to


    • The weight limit for kayaks is 230lbs.
    • All paddlers must be over the age of 10.
    • While the river is safe to kayak on, do not ingest the water.
    • There are no cancellations or refunds, though tickets are transferrable.
    • Trips cancelled due to inclement weather will be rescheduled.
    • Make sure to wear and bring sunscreen.
    • Do not book a trip if you have a medical condition that would worsen from long exposure to the heat and sun.

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