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    Head Over To Cabrillo Marina

    September 29, 2017

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    Whether you fancy boats or just want to peek at some of them, the Cabrillo Marina in San Pedro, CA, offers the perfect setting for all manner of boating desires. Long time residents, newcomers, even those just starting to look for spots for rent in San Pedro recognize the marina as one of the most prominent starting points for boat trips, fishing, or just enjoying the restaurants in the vicinity. What do you need to know about this sunny pier and the wealth of water-centric opportunities it provides? Keep reading, as we explore the Cabrillo Marina in its intimate details.

    Just What Is The Cabrillo Marina?

    Located at 224 Whalers Walk, the Cabrillo Marina is part of the larger network of California Yacht Marina's, one of four that are family owned and operated in Southern California. Their mission, as they spell out quite plainly on their website, is "to provide boaters in Southern California the best experience possible—marinas that are maintained in a first class manner with true pride of ownership." In other words, a place to park your boat and hang out in superior style. To that end, they offer a range of services to boaters and foster a community where they can come together and exchange knowledge, stories, or just revel in the shared experience of the boating lifestyle.

    Take a look at this list of services, published by Active Captain. In addition to making note of the conditions around the Cabrillo Marina, they show all of the amenities they offer to those wishing to dock their boat there. These services are vital to boaters wishing to keep their vessels well-stocked and in good condition, things like storage, internet access, propane, water, etc. The help that Cabrillo provides, however, goes beyond even these.

    One such example is the bi-annual Marine Swap Meet, where vendors sell a variety of new and used marine equipment to boaters looking to upgrade their gear. As a service to boaters, admission to these events is free, but, the proceeds they collect from vendor registration fees go to local charity organizations. The event is well-liked by regulars who frequent the marina, with CYM's Executive Director Of Marketing, Henry Rivas, stating:

    "Everyone seems to enjoy this once a year opportunity, and the prices are always right."

    Another example of Cabrillo Marina's commitment to the boating lifestyle is their annual boat expo, the Southern California Boat Show. Taking place rom September 28th to October 1st, the event is a chance to "showcase the latest power and sailboat models, plus a variety of accessories, electronics, engines, gear and services." There's a long list of exhibitors that will be in attendance, showing their wares and interacting with current and future boat lovers. It provides boat enthusiasts a chance to look at what's out there, particularly if they're looking to buy something new. Sellers gain access to scores of would-be buyers, and those just "evaluating the market" can stay abreast of the latest trends, gear, and other pertinent details.

    The grand event is also host to a range of seminars, covering different topics pertinent to the world of boating. Boating education is central to Cabrillo Marina's mission, and the seminar series is a way to dig deep into all kinds of interesting content. For example, "Sailing To The South Pacific," an "an introduction seminar about inspiring you to set sail for the south Pacific in your own boat with the World Cruising Club," or "Cruising Catalina," an overview on "how to plan, where to stay, and what to explore" when traveling "to one of our great California treasures—Catalina Island!"

    Speaking of Catalina Island, it's mentioned among the many perks that makes the Cabrillo Marina such a perfect option for boaters:

    "We’re perfectly placed for California’s most popular sailing destination. At just over 19 miles you won’t find anyone closer."

    Cabrillo Marina also puts out a periodical newsletter, keeping boaters abreast of current events that are rippling through the boating world. One example is their notifying boaters of the new California Boater Card requirements, necessity for those wishing to boat which will apply to all boaters by 2025:

    "Each year after January 2018, a new age group will be added to those who are required to possess a valid card. By 2025, all persons who operate on California waters will be required to have one. Once issued, the card remains valid for a boat operator’s lifetime."

    They're also committed to helping boaters enjoy their hobby in a manner that is conducive to protecting the environment, through promotion of tools like the Pumpout Nav. This innovative smartphone app "is designed to help boaters locate the closest sewage pumpout station for their vessels," making it easier for boaters to have a "means to minimize the impact of boat-related pollutants."

    The proximity of the Cabrillo Marina to the nearby Hilton also gives boaters coming in from other locations a great place to take a rest before they head back out, or grab a hot meal at the Marina Bar & Grill.

    Just what do boaters who frequent the Cabrillo Marina think? A sampling of reviews left on their Facebook page provides the answer, with one in particular summing up the general sentiment of the boating populace quite nicely:

    "Awesome staff with great facilities and easy access to open ocean or inside the breakwater trips down to Long Beach. Cabrillo Marina is one of LA's best kept secrets."

    It's hardly an exaggeration to say that Cabrillo Marina is an invaluable resource to boaters, and a credit to San Pedro's deeply ingrained boat culture.

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