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    Newest Maze on the Queen Mary

    September 30, 2019

    skyview of queen mary ship

    You’ve heard about Dark Harbor, right? If you’re living in the San Pedro apartments and you’re looking to have a great time in the near future, you’ll be doing yourself a favor by staying in the know. For those uninitiated, you can think of Dark Harbor as a kind of mystery maze aboard the decks of the famed vessel, the Queen Mary:

    “Fear Sleeps Here. Let the monsters lurking under your bed keep you company during your stay. This is the perfect opportunity for thrill seekers and scare enthusiasts to spend the night aboard the axiom of all alleged paranormal activity at the Queen Mary.”

    So, what’s in store for the 10th installment of this frightful delight? That’s the topic of discussion for today, so read on as we jump right into what’s new for the 2019 season aboard the storied ship.

    Dark Harbor: 2019 Edition

    If you already know a bit about Dark Harbor, then you know that they like to switch it up from time to time. This year, they’ve got quite the new harrowing scenario in store in the form of "Rogue." As you board the vessel, you learn she’s been struck by a rogue wave. Can the captain save the day, or is the Queen Mary doomed to sink to a watery grave? Compounding the scares are more than 200 monsters spread across six mazes you’ll find on board. This is haunting live entertainment at its pinnacle, and you’re sure to be in for more than a few surprises.

    This year’s Dark Harbor will be running for 23 select nights between September 26th and November 2nd. You’ll need a ticket to attend, naturally, but these are reasonably priced (around $20 during the Haunting Hour) and with various tiers depending on how in-depth of an experience you’d like to enjoy. If you’re looking for additional info on some of the planned scares, you’ll definitely want to check out the list of Monsters & Mazes. If you’re looking for more to enjoy beyond the scares, you’ll also be in luck, as the Queen Mary experience also offers:

    • Rides & Nightly Shows
    • Great Food & Drinks
    • Private Areas to Party With Your Crew
    • Behind the Scenes Shenanigans

    It’s all likely to be loads of fun, if past years are anything to judge by. Be sure to get a group together, and see if you can brave the “dangers” of this pleasantly haunting entertainment experience.

    Have a Frightfully Good Time at the San Pedro Apartments Too

    The Queen Mary isn’t the only place in Los Angeles where you can have a scary good time this October. Right over at the neighborhood around The Vue, the stage is set for you to enjoy all the Halloween-themed festivities over the month. Head to your favorite establishments (of which there should be plenty), and chances are there’s something spooky and enjoyable planned. You can even devise some of your own thrills to put into action right in the comfort of your spacious seaside residence. Either way, there’s something for you here, all you need to do is reach out, learn more, and find your place within these terrifically bold apartments today.