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    Nightlife Around San Pedro

    August 25, 2017

    The Vue apartments in San Pedro

    Beautiful San Pedro. The jewel of Southern Los Angeles, and home to the busy Los Angeles Port. Beyond its status as an important harbor, though, residents of The Vue apartments in San Pedro (and the area in general) know this is a happening nightlife spot with plenty of locations to cut loose, have a good drink, and enjoy the evening. From nightclubs, to taverns, to lounges and casual bars, San Pedro has more than its fair share to offer to locals looking to have a great time.

    A Place Where The Night Comes To Life

    What sort of nighttime experience are you looking for? In San Pedro, nearly all are available, depending on what you fancy. Here are just a few of the places that should be on your radar if you want to explore the after-hours fun.

    El Principe Night Club

    First stop is North Pacific Avenue, to the laid-back El Principe Night Club. Here, you can enjoy live performances from great acts, along with nightly dancing and great drinks. While not exactly an establishment you'd list on the "high-end" of the bar and nightclub spectrum, El Principe makes up for that with a wholly fun atmosphere and lively entertainment. Regulars note that it's a great place to hang out with a tight-knit group of friends, and the dancing is like icing on the cake for those that love to cut loose.


    Over on West 6th Street, you'll find Crimsin, a hip night spot known for their amazing cocktails and other fine drinks. The vibe, as patron's note, is one that facilitates friendliness. If you're looking to unwind, perhaps have a drink with a few friends and pass a few hours catching up, this is a prime location. They've usually got good music pumping courtesy of the DJ, and they've even got a nice pool table for you to enjoy, if you feel so inclined.

    Alhambra Cocktail Lounge

    Down around West 11th Street is Alhambra Cocktail Lounge. Before you head out, remember that this is an old-school cash-only spot, so be sure to bring some greenbacks so you can make the most of your visit. Once you're there, you can delight in the host of bar games, live shows, and, of course, amazing drinks that they have on offer. Alhambra is clean, welcoming, and a has a real sense of community among its many patrons. This bar is a throwback to another time, where people from all walks of life intermingled in slightly inebriated harmony. Get yourself a piece of that antique camaraderie and make some new friends at this amazing night spot.


    With a name like Goodfellas, you're almost guaranteed this spot will be lively. Head over to West 6th Street to get in on the action over here, and be prepared for an out-of-this world evening at a phenomenal dive where beer and sports reign supreme. The DJ is usually on duty spinning the best tunes, and the other patrons are never in short supply to add a bit of color to what will likely be a night to remember.

    June's Bar

    This bar on South Pacific Avenue is popular amongst the happy hour crowd, but also a great place to hang out and chill well into the night. The ambiance could best be described as an upscale dive. Outdoors, you've got that old-school dive-bar panache, but indoors, you're transported into an immaculately clean location with crystal clear TVs and great drinks prepared by knowledgeable bartenders. Be nice to the staff here, and in turn you'll be treated to a happy haven you may well add to your list of regular hangouts.

    Auggie's Tavern

    Casual and relaxing, Auggie's Tavern on South Pacific Avenue is a great spot to head to when you want to shed your travails and drink in peace. Here, you'll find that kind of "down home" atmosphere that a local spot should exemplify, and it's further enhanced by the high-caliber, personal service you'll receive from the talented staff. Add great drinks and a decent sized bar to post up on, and you've got the recipe for an after-hours routine on your hands.


    Godmother's on West 7th Street is an honest-to-goodness saloon that features a wealth of live music, DJ performances, and, of course, great drinks. Whether you're in the mood for beer or cocktails, there's likely something on the menu that will fit your tastes. Every night is great here, but the live music Fridays and Saturdays are of particular note. You'll be moving to the tunes while relaxing in good company with the great staff and the friendly patrons who pack the house. You want local and intimate? Make Godmother's a part of your short list.

    Grand Annex

    If you're heading out specifically for great live music, then Grand Annex should be a clear first choice. Located on West 6th Street, this venue, sponsored by the Grand Vision Foundation, is all about making music and arts a part of the community's daily (night)life. Their mission, as they see it, is:

    "To inspire and engage the diverse Los Angeles Harbor/South Bay community through culturally inclusive arts and educational experiences centered on the historic Warner Grand Theatre and the Grand Annex in downtown San Pedro."

    They've definitely delivered with Grand Annex. Amazing shows, a clean environment, intimate setting, and ample parking all come together to make this one of the best small music halls you'll find in the area.

    The Vue Apartments In San Pedro CA Put It All In Reach

    This luxury complex is where style meets comfort. It's a clear cut above most standard apartment offerings, and that's a fact that's evident in near every facet of this blooming community.

    The high-rise units are diverse, and cover a range of space and room requirements (along with simply looking pristine). The complex is packed full with modern, resort-style amenities, and, as evidenced throughout our guide, the neighborhood is dense with all sorts of adventures to be had. Come see what it's all about, and consider making this upscale building your new home.