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    Safety Tips for the Holidays

    December 2, 2017

    Friends being safe for the holidays  - The Vue

    The holidays are a wonderful time of year, but all too many fall victim to accidents and mishaps that can ruin this otherwise joyous time of year. Whether you live in Myrtle Beach or any of the places for rent in California, disaster can strike without warning. Follow these precautions, and you can rest assured that you and your family will be safe this holiday season.

    Tips for Traveling

    The majority of end-year travel is done via an automobile. With the increasing number of parties and long days spent visiting multiple relatives, it makes sense that car wreck statistics spike during this season. Other obstacles like heavy snow and traffic can also increase the length of your travels, which require extra precautions. Always follow these safety tips when driving.

    Always pick a designated driver when heading to a party or to an establishment that serves alcohol. Drunk driving accidents make up about one-third of accidents during the holidays.

    Make sure everyone in the vehicle is buckled up. While you may be good to drive, that doesn't mean everyone else on the road will be.

    Put your cell phone away until you've reached your destination. Utilizing a smartphone for GPS is excellent, but it needs to be hands-free.

    Keep a roadside emergency kit with you. For wintertime, this should include blankets and an extra jacket in preparation for snowy winter storms.
    If you're feeling exhausted, don't drive. Driving while incredibly tired is just as bad as driving while intoxicated.

    Be prepared for delays from heavy traffic.

    Tips for Decorating

    Believe it or not, emergency rooms see their fair share of patients injured while decorating. While it might seem like a harmless activity, there are few things that people tend to overlook.

    Make sure to use a step ladder for those hard to reach places. Standing on chairs or other furniture can lead to nasty falls.

    Double-check your lights for exposed or frayed wires. Make sure your sockets are intact and have a sturdy connection. Finally, don't overload your sockets. These are the leading causes of house fires this time of year.
    Poinsettias are beautiful, but also poisonous if swallowed. Keep them away from small children and pets.

    Speaking of little ones, always hang ornaments out of reach. Breakable glass and hooks can land you an unexpected trip to the emergency room.

    While it might sound obvious, make sure there is a clear path to walk through when decorating and wrapping presents. You'd be surprised at the number of people who trip and fall every year over something as simple as wrapping paper tubes.

    Tips for Gifts

    This section is a little shorter, but worth mentioning. Small objects like coin lithium batteries pose a chocking hazard for smaller children, so wrap with care and hand them over to an adult if their toy requires them. The same goes for any toy that has small parts. Also, make sure to let someone know if the gift you're about to hand them is heavy. While dropping a bowling ball on your foot might sound like a Flintstones Christmas special moment, those things really happen.

    Tips for Fire Prevention

    We fill our homes with a lot of easily combustible items come November and December. Combine those with an increase in candles around your house, and you can imagine the need for a little precaution.

    Never leave candles burning when you leave the house or go to bed.

    Keep your candles out of the reach of children, and especially cats.

    Keep any flame, candle or fireplace, a good distance away from your tree. If you are using a real tree, make sure it rests in a water filled base to keep it from drying out too much.

    While it might be tempting, don't burn things like wreaths or wrapping paper in your fireplace. It can cause the flames to get out of control quickly.

    A Note on Turkey Fryers

    Frying the traditional turkey instead of baking it is an incredibly popular and delicious option, but did you know that there have been over 160 turkey fryer related accidents since 2002? Fires, explosions, and third-degree burns are serious dangers when using these types of fryers indoors. If you plan on frying yours up this year, look into either an oil-less version or an in-home model instead.

    Tips for Healthy Food

    Food preparation is also a large part of any holiday, making the need to handle and prepare food properly a necessity. Keep these tips in mind when preparing your feast.

    Don't rinse raw meat or poultry before cooking it.

    Always use a food thermometer.

    Do not let cooked food sit out for more than two hours.

    Leftovers are only good for about four days in the refrigerator.

    Cut turkey into smaller pieces when storing it, this way it will cool faster.

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