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    San Pedro Arts District

    April 14, 2019

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    As you may well know, the area around the stunning high rise apartments in San Pedro is one replete with creative and cultural offerings. Nowhere is that fact more clear than the San Pedro Arts & Cultural District, a brimming artist community overflowing with that “gritty” seaside charm and native Angeleno creative spirit:

    “The historic core of downtown San Pedro has been renting to artists since 1944, with studios in storefronts and warehouses alike. Many commercial buildings also house studios, organizations and work/live options in the district.”

    It’s here that you’ll find a great many craftsmen, artists, and artisans plying their trade, in a setting that is ripe for a bit of exploration. Today, we’ll be providing you with a guide the wonders of the San Pedro Arts & Cultural District, and clueing you in on some fast approaching events that you’ll want to keep your eyes peeled for.

    Exploring the Arts in San Pedro

    Also known as the “San Pedro Waterfront Arts District,” this little slice of the neighborhood is one that is rich in history, and one that has fought hard to maintain that history, even as the environment around it changes:

    “The downtown San Pedro historic arts district has struggled for years to retain its historic and cultural assets against increasing pressure to gentrify and balance new development while retaining its core cultural assets and maintain a vibrant arts community.”

    But maintain San Pedro has, and today, you’ll see a wide range of both art and entertainment venues within the area. The list is a long one, but standouts include galleries like ango San Pedro, a combination gallery and dance studio located on West 8th Street. The concept is a simple one, offer a space where talented artists can display their works, and simultaneously enrich the community with high-energy Tango dance sessions, bringing both newcomers and lovers of the artform from all over to enjoy a happy and healthy community centered around dance.

    Then there are spaces like The Grand Annex, self-described as the “rarest of neighborhood gems,” a place where “Los Angelenos enjoy world class talent in the midst of a thriving historical arts district.” By “world class talent,” they refer mostly to the long lineup of skilled musicians that grace the stage here, covering genres ranging wide from “Roots Rock to Jazz and World Rhythms.” Take a look at the schedule today, and you’ll see masters of their craft like Kimberly Ford and Hot October coming up soon, with many more great acts on the way in the coming months.

    And so the list of venues in the San Pedro Arts & Cultural District goes on, filled with amazing places to hang out, wonderful performances to see, and, naturally, all kinds of art spaces showing off work from just about every medium imaginable. Of course, the galleries aren’t the only place you’ll spot lovely artwork within the district. There’s a wealth of public art dotting the streets as well; all you need to know is where to look for it.

    You may, for instance, want to check out Pacific and Seventh, which was colorfully painted by Adrienne Wade. The display is something of a “modern road map of how to obtain your aspirations,” with a flipside painting that “symbol of mankind being inspired to climb great heights by first going through his heart,” and a third display depicting the artist’s belief that each person holds the “key to their own freedom.”

    Then there’s one of the works at Southwest Harbor and Swinford, painted by Miki Yokoyama. It’s an intricate piece of line artwork, Yokoyama’s specialty, and, in this case, uses the contrast of black and white to create a binary “interconnected experience,” akin to the way that “strings of zeroes and ones create programming code.”

    You can find more of these public art locations listed on the San Pedro Waterfront Arts District webpage, along with another facet of the area we’ll have to talk about: the regular cultural events. It’s a packed calendar, but some highlights include the upcoming San Pedro Arts District Summer Soiree, a spectacular fundraiser and art sale that sure to be as thrilling as a summer block party.

    Taking place July 15th, this event’s primary purpose is to “raise money to promulgate more public art, provide arts appreciation education experiences and advocate for the arts in our community.” Value doesn’t come for nothing, though, so to make the event worthwhile, they’ve planned a full spread of chef-prepared food, live entertainment courtesy of the Alex Smith Trio, and silent auction for attendees to purchase some high-quality works of art.

    Hand-in-hand with the Summer Soiree is the district’s Call for Art. The San Pedro Waterfront Arts District has raised the signal for creative talent, and they need those submissions by June 23rd. If you’re comfortable having your work on display and potentially sold, why not send in a few submissions? Anything of yours that is sold at the Soiree will net you 60% of the proceeds, and while there is no fee for simply submitting work for consideration, there is a $25 fee for any work that is accepted for the sale.

    And don’t forget, there’s the final installment of the Cuatro@Cabrillo film series, taking place on May 19th. This time, they’ll be screening The Shape of Water, from famed director Guillermo del Toro, analyzing his skill at the “monster genre” and the adept nature with which he applies it in his award-winning work.

    The High Rise Apartments in San Pedro Offer Even More Fun

    In addition to the thrilling sights of San Pedro’s Arts & Cultural areas, communities like The Vue put you in a prime location to enjoy all the other hotspots of this exciting neighborhood. There’s plenty more to explore, both in San Pedro and beyond, and you deserve a comfortable and luxurious spot to call home while you do so. Come see what The Vue has to offer, and enjoy a warm welcome to the LA Harbor lifestyle.