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    Summer Getaways From San Pedro

    June 23, 2019

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    Picture, if you will, your ideal San Pedro apartment. A superbly-designed high rise residence with great views of the harbor and proximity with everything you love in the neighborhood, perhaps? We imagine it’d be stunning, but even the ideal location requires a bit of a getaway from time to time. This summer, if you’re thinking about making a brief exodus from the city, why not scope out one of these amazing, out of the way locales? These hotspots will give you exactly the kind of fun-in-the-sun adventure you’re looking for, and won’t even require you to get on a plane to reach them. Read on, as we dish on all the details.

    San Juan Capistrano

    Heading south, you can stop by in the small-but-beautiful town of San Juan Capistrano. There are only 36,000 people here, but the area is big on things to do. You might, for instance, check out the ZOOMARS Petting Zoo and get up close and personal with some animals you’ve not yet encountered face to face. Or, you could head to one of the town’s most enduring attractions — the Mission San Juan Capistrano — built in 1776 and designed to house the Spanish Catholics of the Franciscan Order back in its heyday.

    San Clemente

    Sticking in Orange County for a moment, you’ll also find San Clemente, a beach town known for its beautiful environments and great surf. That being the case, you’ll definitely want to check out San Clemente State Beach should you decide to come this way. The mile-long expanse is perched below a steep rock bluff, making the whole area superbly picturesque (particularly at sunup and sundown).


    The City of Oceanside (or O’side, as some travelers and locals affectionately call it), is another coastal town that boasts some impressive views of the water. The third-largest city in the San Diego County area, it also has its fair share of things to do and see within the city as well, and the unique architecture is more than enough on its own to draw any of your photographers here to snap some summer shots.


    In the North of San Diego County, you’ll find Carlsbad, one of the nation’s wealthiest locales, and the 5th richest city in the state of California. While you’re looking for things to do here, consider wading in the waters of the nearby beach, checking out what’s happening in Carlsbad Village, and, of course, taking a trip to the world-famous LEGOLAND — the theme park any LEGO enthusiast (and LEGO-obsessed child) would delight over.

    San Diego

    San Diego is a city that requires little introduction. Right on the waters of the Pacific Ocean, and just a short ways north of the Mexican border, this city is filled with an array of cultural influences that make it a delight to explore. During your trip, be sure to check out Sea World, the San Diego Zoo, and the bustling nightlife that this seaside paradise has to offer, in addition to all the fine dining and shopping opportunities.

    El Cajon

    Nicknamed “The Box,” a derivative of its Spanish title, El Cajon is a landlocked city east of San Diego. While you might think this precludes it from including fun summer activities, you’ll probably reconsider once you’ve had an opportunity to absorb the picturesque scenery, or experience some local flavor courtesy of places like Burning Beard Brewing Company or P2K Sports.


    This city in Riverside County is famed for its association with Coachella, but even when the festival isn’t on, there’s still plenty to do out here. The Coachella Valley History Museum, for instance, will take you into the area’s past through historic artifacts and documents, and towns resort casinos will give you plenty to do during your downtime, should you be the gambling sort.


    Past the San Gabriel Mountains and into the Antelope Valley, you’ll find Palmdale. Don’t let the rugged ambiance fool you, though, Palmdale is a town of comfort and luxury, if you know where to look, and plenty of activities to keep you busy, like the Mulligan Family Fun Center, DryTown Water Park, and Joe Davies Heritage Airpark.


    What will you find to do in the “country music capital of the West Coast?” Bakersfield has plenty going for it, like the Buena Vista Museum of Natural History and the California Living Museum, but indoor fun isn’t the only kind you can have in this lovely river town. There’s also plenty of adventure to find outdoors, like heading to the Panorama Bluffs to soak up those amazing views and let your mind wander.

    Santa Maria

    If you feel like venturing to the land of wine, you’ll want to plan a trip to Santa Maria, one of California’s coastal wine regions, and the home of wineries like Presqu’ile, Costa de Oro, and Tantara. In between your wine tours and day drinking, you might also want to check out some of the towns museums, and head into nature to view the beauty of Santa Maria’s environment as well.

    Morro Bay

    Morro Bay is another seaside city on California’s Central Coast. This particular town is famed for a particular geological feature — Morro Rock, a 581-foot tall remnant of an extinct volcano. This alone is a sight to behold, but you’ll also be able to have some fun relaxing at the beach, checking out the market places, and scoping out nearby Hearst Castle, if you’re up for the drive.

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