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    The Famous Lane Victory

    September 18, 2019

    lane victory

    You might think the high rise apartments in San Pedro are all about sitting well above the city and enjoying the fabulous views, but there’s also plenty to do and see out in San Pedro that’s worth your while. We’re talking about important pieces of American history, like the SS Lane Victory. This legendary vessel, built right in Los Angeles, has a story that stretches from World War II all the way up through present day, and if you’ve got the time to explore, you might want to consider heading over to where it’s docked to take a look and learn a little something.

    History of Victory

    The SS Lane Victory is an old ship, first built in 1945. It went on to serve with honor in World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. During times of peace, it roamed the waters as part of the merchant fleet, but time eventually took its toll, causing the ship to fall into disrepair. That’s when volunteers took matters into their own hands, restoring the vessel and helping put it on display as a kind of floating museum:

    “Now a nationally recognized historic landmark, the S.S. Lane Victory serves as a living museum and memorial to the service and sacrifices of all Merchant Marine sailors and Navy Armed Guardsmen.”

    What will you see when you come to the SS Lane Victory today? Book a tour, and you’ll be granted complete access to the ship, and freedom to walk around and learn more about this great vessel. The exhibits, historical artifacts, and video presentations will provide you with a glimpse of what life was like living aboard this mighty craft.

    You can see the bridge, where fearless navigators plotted courses through treacherous waters. You can also tour the living quarters, recreational areas, and eating areas, and peer into how the everyday life of a sailor aboard this vessel played out.

    You’ll want to watch the calendar for events, though. There are times when the ship is closed due to training operations, filming, or other special occurrences, and you should keep these in mind when you’re planning for your eventual visit to the SS Lane Victory. You’ll also want to consider donating to their organization or volunteering your time. It’s a great way to give back, and to ensure this slice of history is preserved for future generations to enjoy as well.

    Get Ready for Your Next Adventure From the High Rise Apartments in San Pedro

    The SS Lane Victory is but one of many fabulous sights you’ll see around the neighborhood of The Vue. There are countless treasures here, near the Los Angeles waters, that will excite your passion for learning and provide you with hours of enjoyment in your free time. While you’re getting ready for that next adventure, The Vue can serve as your base of operations, a place where you can relax and recharge in unmatchable comfort and luxury. Sound like your kind of life? See what The Vue has in store, then drop us a line to learn more about making these residences your new LA home.