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    Top Brunch Restos in San Pedro

    August 16, 2018

    San Pedro apartments

    Members of the community living in San Pedro apartments are just like other average and ordinary people meaning they love going to great restaurants for breakfast or brunch. These two meals are often people’s most favorite depending on their personalities. Some people love eating breakfast and they could gobble down this meal at any time of the day. Others love eating a combination of breakfast foods and lunch, which means they are avid fans of brunch.

    No matter what, it’s good to know that San Pedro CA actually has so many great eateries in this community serving amazing breakfast and brunch food on a regular basis. In many cases, you’ll only have a chance to get brunch one per week and the restaurant will put out a wonderful brunch spread on Sunday morning/afternoon for their patrons to enjoy.

    Instead of testing out every restaurant serving breakfast and brunch for yourself, why not try our recommendations instead? We’ve already done the heavy lifting for you and discovered which restaurants have the best reputation for serving delicious breakfast and brunch so we’d like to share this information with you now. Stick around to find out more about our favorite recommendations below.

    Omelette & Waffle Shop in San Pedro

    This delicious greasy spoon is one of the top breakfast and brunch spots in all of San Pedro. The residents in this community tend to rant and rave about the delicious food, the wonderful omelettes, and the amazing waffles that they serve in the Omelette & Waffle Shop right in the heart of the community.

    They have so many tasty dishes for everyone to try and you’ll never run out of options and combinations for your omelettes and waffles. In fact, if you get an all egg breakfast it comes with your choice of home fries, sliced tomato, pinto beans, sautéed vegetables, or cottage cheese. And you can either get toast or a buttered biscuit on the side as well.

    Some of their amazing omelette dishes include options with avocado and cheese, avocado and jack cheese and sour cream, avocado and bacon and cheese, avocado and bacon and cheese and sour cream, mushrooms and cheese, mushrooms and cheese and sauce, mushrooms and tomato and cheese, asparagus and mushroom and cheese, spinach and mushrooms and cheese, bacon and sausage and cheese, ham and cheese, ham and tomato and mushroom and cheese, sausage and your choice of cheddar or jack cheese, and bacon and your choice of cheddar or jack cheese to name a few of more than 80 possible combinations.

    They also sell eggs made from many different styles including eggs Benedict, eggs Florentine, ham steak and eggs, burger patty and eggs, homemade meatloaf and eggs, and many more.

    On their brunch menu, you can find delicious options like corned beef hash and eggs, vegetarian patty and eggs, spam and eggs, pork chop and eggs, ribeye steak and eggs, and other delicious choices as well.

    This incredible restaurant also serves hot cakes and French toast that comes with one egg and bacon or sausage on the side. You can go with the buttermilk pancakes stack, French toast, cinnamon raisin French toast, banana pecan French toast, and more.

    Finally, they have what feels to be a million different waffle combinations too, although it’s more like a couple of dozen choices. Some possible waffles to choose from include plain old-fashioned waffles, nut waffles, coconut cream waffles, cherry waffles, peach waffles, jalapeno and cheddar waffles, banana nut waffles, blueberry waffles, and more.

    Rex’s Café in San Pedro

    This is another one of our favorite places for brunch and breakfast. Rex’s Café is located in San Pedro at 2136 South Pacific Ave. and they serve delicious Mexican and American food that totally goes well together. You’ll love the ambience and atmosphere and the wait staff is definitely friendly and a whole lot of fun.

    While here, you have an opportunity to enjoy a wide range of breakfast and brunch options depending on your tastes. You can try the stuffed French toast filled with bananas, almonds, and cream cheese and topped with fresh strawberries or bananas. Or if you prefer, try the fluffy buttermilk pancakes, the whole-wheat pancakes, or the one pancake and one egg and one sausage combination. Or better yet, you can double up the previous combination and get two of each for just a $1.70 more.

    They also sell cereal, granola, oatmeal, breakfast burritos, scrambled eggs, veggie scrambles, tofu scrambles, omelettes, eggs Benedict, breakfast sandwiches, and other delicious options.

    San Pedro Café in San Pedro

    Last but certainly not least, the San Pedro Café is another wonderful place to go to if you’re looking to eat delicious breakfast or brunch. This amazing establishment has been a pillar of the community since 1988 and we hope they continue to thrive for another 30 years.

    On their breakfast and brunch menu, you can enjoy delicious options like buttermilk pancakes, French toast, Belgian waffles, omelettes, cinnamon apple pancakes, blueberry pancakes, fresh fruit pancakes, Viva San Pedro pancakes, and every one of these options can be turned into a combo with eggs, bacon, and other choices.

    Or if you prefer, you can go with the original eggs Benedict, the country Benedict, the Pedro Benedict, or the spinach Florentine Benedict. Other options include eggs made any style with turkey bacon, ham, pork loin, grilled chicken, applewood smoked bacon, and a wide range of other sides and choices.

    Breakfast and Brunch Is Absolutely Amazing Living in San Pedro Apartments

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