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    Ways to Pamper Mom

    April 13, 2018

    mom getting a massage - The Vue - pamper your mom

    You love your mom, right? Of course you do. She’s been with you every step of the way -- from working your way through school to settling on a lucrative career to finally scoring one of those San Pedro apartments for rent -- mom has been an ever-present figure in your life. Isn’t it time she got a little bit of payback for all the effort she’s put into helping you out? Absolutely, and, with Mother’s Day fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to show that you care.

    But how, exactly, are you going to do that? Sure, you could try the typical, tired Mother’s Day fare (brunch, a few gifts, etc.), but doesn’t mom deserve a bit more? If you’d like to pamper her in a way she’s likely never been pampered before, then read on, because we’re supplying you with some outside-the-box ideas you can make use of to make your appreciation obvious. Best of all, these will work for all the moms in your life. Whether it’s your honest-to-goodness mother, your spouse, or just some moms from the neighborhood you think might like a special time, they’ll greatly appreciate it.

    A Weekend Wine Tasting

    There are few, if any, moms who don’t love to sip a little wine from time to time. Why not make it a weekend event, and book a fabulous wine tasting for mom to enjoy? Southern California is no stranger to wine, and you’ll find more than a few options right within the city limits in Los Angeles. If you’ve got enough time to venture out, though, you can make an event of it -- like a sweet road trip -- and the journey itself can be part of the awesome experience. Be sure to schedule something like this well in advance (that means making reservations), and don’t partake of too much yourself (someone’s got to drive mom home, after all).

    The Ultimate Spa Experience

    Mom does so much, and all that work is bound to push her muscles to their limits, so why not a spa experience to help her relax? Instead of “any old” spa treatment, though, hook her up with the works. You could, of course, stay right in San Pedro and enjoy one of the spas nearby, or, like the wine tasting, you could go all out, which might mean taking a trip down to Santa Catalina Island to try out one of the many resort style spas down there like Island Spa Catalina. As one of the island’s “first ever destination resort spas,” they’re leading the way when it comes to helping people relax and rejuvenate -- exactly the kind of treatment that mom needs.

    A Mini-Retreat

    There’s a possibility that you could turn Mother’s Day into a mini-retreat of sorts? A chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and simply relax within the wonder of nature. The opportunities for this around San Pedro are vast, provided you don’t mind a bit of driving. Head north, and you’ll eventually make your way to parks and nature preserves like Topanga State Park, Westridge-Canyonback Wilderness Park, Tuna Canyon Park, and many others. While you’re there, you know the drill -- animal watching, nature hikes, flower photography -- whatever mom likes to do in the outdoors, let her have at it.

    An Action-Packed Day Out

    There’s also a possibility your mom is more of an “action mom,” in which case, simply sitting around getting massages or sipping on wine isn’t going to cut it. For an action-packed mom, you’ll need to plan an action-packed day, which could include any of a host of thrilling activities. Find out how mom feels about skydiving, offroading, obstacle courses, or target shooting, then plan accordingly. With any luck, you’ll even be able to catch some prime action shots of mom doing her thing to add to the scrapbook (or the Instagram feed, if this action mom is also particularly tech-savvy).

    Flowers As Pretty As She Is

    Here’s a (semi) scientific fact: mom’s love flowers. Instead of simply picking out a bouquet at your favorite flower shop and handing it off, though, why not up the ante? A flower arrangement class that the two of you take together will give you the opportunity to learn a bit more about her favorite flora, then assemble them yourself into the perfect bundle that you’ll know with certainty that she’ll love. It’s a chance for beauty and bonding, and by the end you’ll both be a bit more skilled and a bit more appreciative because of it. On top of that, there’s no possible way she could accuse you of getting the wrong flowers this time.

    The Ultimate Mom Gift Package

    While you’re pampering her with great experiences, you can also take the time to shower her with thoughtful, practical gifts she can make use of well beyond the Mother’s Day weekend. We’ve already covered flowers, and chocolate and jewelry are no-brainers (just grab a ring or pendant with her birthstone and you’re golden). For something that she’ll find more utilitarian, though, try out a new pillow. Everyone has to sleep, and if you grab her some fancy pillow with the latest technology that’s gone into its design, she’ll be sleeping better than most. Her neck will thank you, she’ll thank you, and you’ll be a veritable hero for as long as that pillow holds out. To complement your amazing selection, try grabbing some extra-comfortable pajamas, an essential oil diffuser, and a few other bedtime-extras that will make falling asleep her favorite part of the day.

    And Don’t Forget The San Pedro Apartments For Rent Are Where You Made These Plans Possible

    Think of fine communities like The Vue as an incubator for top-notch ideas like an out-of-this-world Mother’s Day experience. There’s no wonder some of the best personal decisions are dreamt up right here, as it’s a prime environment for rest, relaxation, and purely uninhibited thought. Be sure to check out exactly what The Vue has to offer, and make it the first in a (hopefully) long line of amazing future decisions.