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    White Point Nature Preserve

    July 31, 2018

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    Residents of San Pedro apartments for rent have a chance to really get back to nature if they desire to do so. The White Point Nature Preserve is practically right around the corner and it’s just sitting there waiting for you to experience the natural beauty and joy that a place like this can bring.

    Many people spend the majority of their lives sitting in chairs. Recently, doctors started coming out and saying that sitting is the new smoking, which means we have to go outside and move around more often if we want to remain in good health. We all know how devastating to health smoking can be. Guess what? Sitting down all day is just as negative. So what are you going to do about it?

    The best way to get up and get moving is to do it in nature. Some people would prefer to get a treadmill and walk at home. While this is better than nothing, it’s not nearly as beneficial as walking outside can be.

    By walking, jogging, or running at the nature preserve, you’ll not only get healthy by becoming more active, you’ll also take in more sunlight which converts to vitamin D which is good for depression, supports immune system and nervous system health, helps maintain healthy teeth and bones, supports cardiovascular health and lung function, and so much more. Walking in nature also lowers levels of stress and anxiety, helps students perform better academically, and helps improve physical health overall.

    So, it’s time to get up and get moving. It’s time to experience the benefits of White Point Nature Preserve and all that it has to offer. Stick around to learn more about this wonderful place.

    Important Details about White Point Nature Preserve

    First and foremost, this nature preserve actually sits on 102 acres of land. The land is made up of restored coastal sage scrub habitat, and now it’s perfect for hiking, biking, jogging, and running. The trails are even accessible to the handicapped, so if you struggle with some type of physical disability, this is a great place to go because it’s very easy for mobility challenged people to get around here.

    One of the beautiful things about this particular nature preserve is that the trails are gorgeous and they absolutely overlook the ocean. They also overlook Catalina Island, which is a beautiful sight to behold in its own right and one that you will truly appreciate as you regularly begin walking the trails. What’s even more interesting is that it’s now the home of the Nature Education Center that recently opened up in May 2010. We will discuss this in greater detail below.

    Being located in San Pedro means that the Department of Parks and Recreation for the city of Los Angeles actually owns this park and nature preserve. For more than 20 years, this property was actually fenced off by a chain-link fence and it literally sat dormant becoming a major eyesore for the community. But this community is resourceful and they wanted to do what they could to restore the land. So the Conservancy was granted a 25 year management agreement in 2001, and in the past nine years the land has been dramatically restored.

    The preserve is lucky because they had plenty of help restoring the land. Volunteers came from all over the LA County area to pitch in and make a difference. The teams planted grasses and native scrub and they even designed the gorgeous public hiking trails that everyone gets to enjoy now because of their hard work and dedication. Not only that, but they are even attempting to get a grant for eco-friendly permeable parking and interpretive signage, which is obviously very cool for the awesome people that will use the park as well as the environment.

    More about the Nature Education Center

    The Nature Education Center is another reason why so many people tend to flock to the area. They took a repurposed historic Cold War assembly building and turned it into a place where people can go to get educated about the nature preserve. This would not have been possible if the California Department of Parks and Recreation as well as the Ibrahim El Hefni Technical Training Foundation and the California Coastal Conservancy didn’t step in to lend a helping hand. They definitely worked hard to help make this possible and the people in the community are incredibly grateful.

    As far as funding is concerned, the Alcoa Foundation was nice enough to provide a generous grant to help get the education center off the ground. In fact, this grant was used to create many of the wonderful interpretive exhibits that you’ll find as you walk through the halls of the center. Also, other funding was used to create four adjacent native plant demonstration gardens, which was generously donated by the Major Family Foundation.

    It’s important to note that the education center is only open three days a week. It is open on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday from 10 AM to 4 PM. On the other hand, the nature preserve itself is opened up seven days a week and the hours of operation work a little bit differently. You are allowed to be in the preserve from dusk until dawn, so it stays open longer during the summer and obviously it’s shorter during the winter since the sun shines less.

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